Solar System Maintenance Brisbane.

Keep your solar panels performing at their peak for longer, saving you money, and reducing breakages. All with some easy, high-quality maintenance.


Fortunately, that’s where the bad news ends.

For your solar panels to perform the best for longer they require regular maintenance. This maintenance requires cleaning of the panels, clearing of debris surrounding them, and ensuring all wiring is working as it should be. Generally, solar system maintenance in Brisbane is required once a year, especially during drier years. By utilising the qualified solar electricians and Brisbane Solar Repairs you can be sure that regular maintenance will be carried out to the highest standards. This ensures that your system will last longer, and provide your family with more power, massively reducing potential repair costs, while also keeping your power bills as low as possible.

Solar system maintenance done differently.

No fuss.

We keep your solar system maintained. No fussing around, no BS, we just get to work so you can keep your solar system running for as long as possible.

Save money.

Reduce the chances of needing to buy a whole new system or have repairs done to your system. By choosing to maintain your solar system you save money and your time, keeping your system up and running for longer.

We value your time.

Book a time and we show up. We know that your time is precious, so we don’t waste it. You don’t have to wait around worrying if we will show up, we honour our booked time and day.

Reduce waste.

Often broken solar systems are chucked away and replaced when they don’t need to be. Not only is it expensive, it is wasteful. By having your system properly maintained, you will reduce the risk of the system breaking, reducing potential waste.

Solar panel cleaning, system checks and more in 3 easy steps.

Give us a call

Call us or email us and our friendly team will get in contact with you to discuss a date and schedule for your panel maintenance.

We maintain your system

The team will arrive at the agreed upon time and begin performing all the required maintenance for your system. Your solar panels will be cleaned and inspected.

Schedule your solar system maintenance.

Give us a call, email, or fill out the contact form so we can get started on your repair as soon as possible. We will need a couple of things from you before we can begin, including a picture of your Inverter, who you bought the system off, and how old the system is. If you have difficulty finding any of that, don’t worry, just give us a call and we can run you through it all.

Solar Repair
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